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I've been waiting for social networking sites to become more specialized. And I'm happy to find that is right up my alley. It's is still in beta, but it looks to have a very promising future. I've only spent a few minutes on the site but I am very impressed.

Some of the features offered:

* Critique restaurants you've been to.
* Post a blog about your going out experiences.
* Setup events for your friends to meet up.
* Chat in the forum to give your "two cents".
* Look at menu items for take out and take in restaurants.

I suppose I ought to sign up, now.

posted by Christine Hammond @ 7:35 PM,


At 4:41 PM, Blogger antonioevans said...

Mrs. H.,

I am the operator (usually referred to as mascot) of I really hope you've joined and visited the site. We just entered into our beta release and we've had a huge load of new users. My poor server is nervous. We appreciate the comment. If you have suggestions (dreams) of what great food site would be, please shoot me a note. Thank you again for your blog!



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